Brunendam name pays tribute to towns of Burbank, Brno and Amsterdam.
        Brunendam is a Square where creatives can pursue leisure and inspiration through houses and scenes.
          The earliest developments:
    devoted to Astrology, Burbank, CA, 1996:
               (the Art and Den of Zodiac) 
                L.Hainz clockmaking presentation based on a brief cooperation in Prague, CZ, 1996;
                 Gallery (1996):
                 Paintings by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (acc. to stats: the Fire has been viewed the most each year).
                Petr Ferebauer: First original presentation of the author at abeso (1998-2001).
               Californicated name Abeso was inspired by Abebe and Soare boutiques.
                Embedded sounds on Abeso domain exclusive for by Julius Vaverka in 1996 and later.
                 Other embedded sounds on Brunendam are live recordings furnished by the domain owner.
                   Primarily contact of a Brunendam's content editor:
                     Abeso Flow authored a website for a mfgr Corp. in Glendale, CA, in 2000.
                      Design of intranet in two startups in Moravia (2002-2005).
                       Other core authorisations:
                         Jan Kafka: a perspective painter in 2005.
                          P. James: Horology at Brunendam since 2010.
                           Sightseer by PaZnecht, 2014 - 2015: Písečné a Šebetov.
                 Brunendam Club Lounge:
                 Restricted content to Club Lounge
                     Gallery, Horologe
                     On hold: 
                     Bronislav Zachrle Stained glass retrospective (1998)          
                   W.D.C. - Tx - L.V. - L.A. tour PZ's instant aquarelles (on AOL)
                     L.M., A.M.: photography 'n' art
                  Abeso to in 2002 - 2005.
     at Pipni, 2005 - 2016.    
         Brunendam facelift on the 20th year anniversary, at Forpsi, from Nov 2016.

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